Album Release

The 15th November 2014 saw the release of our debut album ‘Coalesce’.

Available initially through Bandcamp, it is now also available worldwide via iTunes, Amazon and Spotify to name but a few.


“All in Now”

Introducing “All in Now”, the second track to be released for FREE DOWNLOAD from our upcoming album! It’s a much heavier approach by comparison to “Cannonball”.

Pummeling riffs and soaring ambient lines are complemented by clean melodies and harmonic backings, defining our signature sound.

Lyrically, “All in Now” delves into our current state of worldly affairs; how we connect through the intangible web of communication, watching our spiritual awareness expand with the overflow of information.

We hope you enjoy this new track and share it around to others who might like it too!


“Cannonball” Official Lyric Video

After 2 years of hard work from all corners of the globe, we are extremely excited to be presenting the debut track from our upcoming album.

“Cannonball” takes us through the torment of those internal moments when we are at our weakest, until we finally open ourselves up to some sort of faith which will release us from the misery. The track mixes up flowing riffs and sombre lyrical lines with uplifting break outs and moments of emotional clarity.

Thank you for supporting the band throughout the process, now you can finally listen to the results!
(Filmed by Lindsay Fletcher, edited by Valilio Film Productions)